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What is My Jewelry Worth?

Sterling & Knight Jewelry & Pawn

     Villa Park:  109 E. St Charles Rd  (630) 833-0800

     Hinsdale:    244 E. Ogden Ave       (630) 321-5600

     Villa Park:  341 E. North Ave         (630) 279-2274

sknight Head ShotA woman from Addison, IL came into my shop and asked me “What is my jewelry worth?”  This is probably the most common question we are asked by our customers at Sterling & Knight Jewelry & Pawn. Our gemologist and jewelry experts will evaluate your items right in front of you, using the methodology and equipment described below.How are you able to figure out an item’s worth? Our pawn loan amounts are based on your collateral’s current appraised value, the condition it is in at the current time, and how we feel the item will sell (will it sell within a reasonable time period). We implement and utilize all the research equipment we have at our disposal in order to figure out an item’s value so you end up receiving the most money for your item.How do you figure out the value of jewelry? Our experts test the valuable metals and diamonds in order determine its overall worth. Diamond testing includes:

  • A visual inspection-This is carried out by the use of a jeweler’s loupe.
  • The item is weighed
  • The item is sized
  • Color, cut, and clarity of the item are also taken into consideration

How are metals tested? Metals are tested by utilizing a unique acid test that will determine how many karats are in the gold.  This will give you the peace of mind of receiving a clean, accurate test so we can give you the maximum loan you require.

How do you figure out the price of gold? We are able to determine the price of gold based on market values. These prices are constantly reviewed by our internal pricing department and updated as necessary. Prices do have the tendency to vary. For example, if you bring in a 24K gold piece, you can receive a higher loan amount if you had just brought in a 14K or 18K gold piece.

We have three locations to serve you! We are located in:

Villa Park

109 E. St Charles Road Villa Park, IL 60181 630.833.0800 

Hours: Monday 10 – 7:00 Tuesday – Friday 10 – 6:00 Saturday 10- 3:00

341 E. North Ave Villa Park, IL 60181  630.279.2274 

Hours: Monday – Thursday 10 – 6:00 Friday 10 – 7:00 Saturday 10 – 5:00


244 E. Ogden Ave. Suite 114 (In the Courtyard of Koshgarian Plaza) Hinsdale, IL  60521 630.321.5600

Hours: Monday – Friday   10 – 6:00 Saturday  10 – 3:00

Sunday by appointment.

If you refer a new customer to our store, you receive a 3% referral bonus, just like referring someone to host a Gold Party.

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Thank you for your business and continued faith in our local, family owned business. We’ve had the privilege of working with wonderful customers and helping them in these troubled times.


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